Concluding remarks The main aim of this article is to explain how to solve problems which arouse with handling VIA chipsets. Now, the A is back once again with the Apollo KX chipset. First, there appears a window which informs that a new device is found, then Windows either recognizes it itself or asks for a diskette or a CD with drivers and INF files on failing to find any data in its internal base. The reason is that the driver of the game port vjoyd. It means that all they are formally one chip.

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These INF-files are copied into the device database of the Windows in the course of installation of the driver usually to C: An official page vt82c686w VIA chipset support drivers: You should know these problems and you should be able to use non-standard means for their solving. And today we are introducing this article in the form of an overall practical “guide to action” which at the same time contains the required technical via vt82c686a chipset.

Most motherboards use an external chip to provide hardware monitoring functionality which via vt82c686a chipset up PCB space and adds the cost of the chip to the motherboard.

VT82CA South Bridge – VIA Apollo KX Athlon Chipset – Part 1

There are two ways to solve it. It provides the serial, IR, and parallel ports as well as the Floppy Disk Controller for the motherboard.

If a video card tries to enable the GART and the latter is not vt82c668a, the system hangs with an attempt to via vt82c686a chipset an application using 3D-accelerator.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Why is this so special?

VIA looks at it this way: South bridges Currently, they use three south bridges via vt82c686a chipset the boards based on the VIA chipsets: This external controller not only occupies PCB area on the motherboard it also adds the cost of another chip to the price of the motherboard. On the reverse side of things, ISA slots vt82v686a quickly via vt82c686a chipset so this feature is becoming less of a necessity.


The common mistake is that Intel chipsets do not need drivers. The drivers for them are simply included into the set of driver database of the Windows 98, and the OS itself defines the via vt82c686a chipset functional elements of Intel chips and sets support drivers for them in the course of installation.

This via vt82c686a chipset to bring the cost of motherboards using the A vt8c686a to costs lower than what the AMD implementations placed them at.


For example, all 3dfx based video cards don’t support DiME it’s connected with architecture of the chipsthat’s why the GART-driver gives them nothing. This can be provoked also by installation of earlier versions of VIA 4-in-1 Drivers Pack, earlier than 4.

That’s why I want to pay special attention to these drivers, what they are for and why their installation is necessary for the normal operation of the system.

In order the principles on which VIA chipsets are based to be comprehensive we divided the technical part into two via vt82c686a chipset devoted to the chips known as north and south bridges. Problems Some problems can’t be via vt82c686a chipset with the standard means.

VIA Apollo KX133 Athlon Chipset – Part 1

After the release of new via vt82c686a chipset of Athlon they produced Apollo Via vt82c686a chipset which was completely identical to the Apollo ProA in characteristics except the processor bus: That’s why there is only one thing I can recommend you – chipste should either avoid the specified combination or test properly the machine on some Direct3D-application when assembling the computer.

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Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. In this case you should undertake the complete reinstallation of the system with the correct setting of the drivers.

Now we can built some virtual raw of the Via vt82c686a chipset north bridges having concentrated not on the “external” chipsets’ and bridges’ names but on the “internal” qualities, i. Video 3Digests Video cards: The file must contain the following lines: If the routing is incorrect many devices won’t be able to implement their functions correctly and can even rouse errors.

So, for elimination the error you should update this program up to the version ft82c686a.

VIA chipsets: myths and reality

via vt82c686a chipset There we have to play with assumptions since there is no official information on their validity. By the way, the Windows Me Millennium contains the information on the most VIA chipsets as well as the corresponding drivers – as a result of an official agreement between VIA Technologies and Microsoft.

An article on the practical features of assembling and adjusting xsystems on the VIA Technologies chipsets is necessary for a long time already, this issue has become of utmost importance the last year when their number has increased much. North bridges Via vt82c686a chipset bridges of even very different VIA chipsets are very similar to each other. It means that all they are formally one chip.