The Guide Me feature is your only way to learn how to scan. More items related to this product. Agfa SnapScan u Description: Simple installation Efficient software Lots of scanning options Very affordable Works in silence. For Photoshop, you can specify the resolution, what folder to save the file in, what image format and if you want a color profile in your image. October 15th, Agfa SnapScan u.

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The SnapScan u features ScanWise as its scanning application. Snapscan 1212u will reproduce the colors accurately when you select a type. Agfa SnapScan u Description: You can effortlessly and rapidly acquire digital records with great fidelity for preservation or processing snapscan 1212u the Agfa u has a flexible capability for scanning plain paper, bulk objects books, comprehensive reports, etc.

Agfa SnapScan 1212u Owner’s Manual

This lets you choose if your image is line art, color or snapscan 1212u. More items related to this snapscan 1212u. Handy for the beginners, and a good reminder if you want to make sure to remember everything. Agfa SnapScan u Flatbed Scanner 1 product rating 4.

The booklet provides the installation instructions and the other documents snapscan 1212u you phone numbers and upgrade information, but this is all you get. It can handle different types of photos matte or glossynewsprint, magazine print, text! Special Offers Promotions and offers direct snapscan 1212u Macintosh developers snapscan 1212u magazines. For Photoshop, you can specify the resolution, what folder to save the file in, what image format and if you want a color profile in your image. You’ll get your Mac news here from now on The first thing you notice when you open the box is the dual Macintosh and Windows 98 support.


Snapscan 1212u interesting feature is that when you start up your computer, the scanner takes the signal from your USB port and warms up. The final step before scanning is the Dimensions. This is the weakest part of the product.

Agfa claims that its color capture is bit and reaches over 68 billion colors. About this product Product Information Just right for making digital images snapscan 1212u meeting your scanning needs in a variety of settings, this Agfa flatbed scanner is helpful and trustworthy.

A major flaw is the interface see screen shot below. A quick restart and you can use your new scanner.

There is a large and snapscan 1212u list snapscan 1212u options. Skip to main content. I was quite skeptical about the quality, based on my previous experience from “scanner to fax”, but in this case, it worked very well.


After this, hit scan and let the SnapScan do the job. When you look at the whole snapscan 1212u and package, you sense that the Agfa folks show enthusiasm about this software.


ScanWise offers you a Guide Me button that helps you to scan your images if you are just starting to learn about scanners.

You may also like. The link between ScanWise and fax software occured without effort. Once you are done, a library folder lands in your Extensions folder along with an extension. If you do not intend to scan anything in this computer session, you just have to press the sleep button and the scanner will only wake up snapscan 1212u you launch ScanWise.

Contact and Other Information. I would have snapscan 1212u a solid snapscan 1212u to scanning for beginners, but there was nothing. Other sites are invited to link to any aspect of this site provided that all content is presented in its original form and is not placed within another. This scanner is easy to install.

Documentation This is the weakest part of the product.