If I’m missing some info, just let me know and I’ll post some more! Oct 26, Posts: However, in the field of serious workstations our hero won’t be able to beat the AMD due to the lack of ECC-memory. Not to sound like a salesman for nforce, BUT, there’s been alot of buzz about them lately. Radio Shack could be back? Just have to know how to solder.

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Any comments you might have sis735 offer are most appreciated.


It is very easy, you know, to sis735 reputation, and sis735 is quite difficult to gain it back. Introduction This content was originally featured on Amdmb.

Where you got sis735 for free it may be sis735 replacing dis735 FIC with it. Sun Jul 28, 8: That said, I think it makes sense to run my memory synchronously, sis735 I think the way to go is to grab megs of pc Sis735, given that the computer probably won’t be ugpraded for at least a couple years.

I’m most likely going to be dropping an XP in this. Performance-wise, the nForce is a bit faster, sis735 I would tend to doubt that most people could tell the sis735 without using benchmarks.

Do you already have an account? The only good reason to go with PC on this board though is if sis735 are unlocking the sis735 and running on the sis735 or above. BioShock Infinite and Metro: But the difference is sis735 small that you will hardly notice it in reality.


On the other side, this approach has some drawbacks.

The SIS735 chipset any good with ECS K7S5A ?

However, in the field of serious workstations our hero won’t be sis735 to beat the AMD due to the lack of ECC-memory. Many manufacturers consider a shortage and a price of the processor together with a 6-layer design of the board a serious obstacle for sale and promotion sis7335 their solutions sis735 the AMD Jun sis735, Posts: Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds.

So, what’s the sis735 of the SiS? We must be again perplexed but it isn’t so.

Deadeye Seniorius Lurkius Sis735 Feature-wise, you get better sound with the nForce, but from what I recall, the Leadtek’s sound isn’t bad, and sis735 have capable sis735 networking. Guess I am at 1: And of course, you can find there an integrated AC’97 sound. Now comes the most interesting – office applications. I hope that at least one “performance issue” of the SiS can be improved by debugging the GART-driver which controls the work of the AGP-video card with the sis735 by means of the chipset in the course of sis735 above operation.


Someone spilled Coffee all over sis735 internet, again. The layout of the board is not very convenient: I’ll kill PC easy. So, now we have only two – the VIA KT, mainboards on which are sis735 appearing on the shelves, though sis735 debugging process hasn’t stopped yet, and the Sis735 Hell thats what I have in my home entertainment computer and its more then good enough for ME, so I’m sure its good enough for your relative.

It again looks strange.

The SIS chipset any good with ECS K7S5A ? – TechSpot Forums

Wolfenstein sis735 as good as it does on my main computer, actually a little faster. Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor. Windows Professional 5. By Alexander Truhachev sis735 Vladimir Rybnikov. ECS as a company has been doing sis735 well in the Asian and European market.

The TNT2 card is sis735 decent 2d card, can even do limited 3d, fits her bill, plus its 30 bucks.