Posted 22 October – CNers have asked about a donation box for Cloudy Nights over the years, so here you go. Sign in with Twitter. This review can easily be related to those webcams as well. This can, in effect, beat the seeing! There is a thread “Xbox livecam mod Cliff ” which shows you how to do it.

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Thanks for the link to the camera mod page, the instructions are very well presented and easy to follow- I may well have a go touca, this!

Thank you Bill, your method worked perfectly for me. You can find those easily on the net by following the links pfo see in this review. Posted 31 August – Also, QCUIAG is a good source of information, so even if you philips toucam pro ii have any major problems, it’s a good idea to subscribe and lurk for a while before jumping in on the train.

Camera: Philips ToUcam Pro II (PCVCK)

That is the camera I was thinking of. Yes, the seeing may be bad, but if philips toucam pro ii are patient and phliips focus your target, here and there you can find some frames that will be much sharper than others. Philips ToUcam Pro and similar webcams. The signal planetary detail, or a faint part of a nebula for instance is present in touxam frames and gets stronger by stacking more frames, but the noise is random and eventually gets “overwhelmed” by the signal.


You might have to do this in safe mode.

Inspector Gadget: Philips ToUcam PRO II webcam

When stacking, you will choose and stack only the sharpest frames and can come up with an at least acceptable result! When the seeing is good, 5 FPS is probably the best choice. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Is it philips toucam pro ii the method will work with the ToUcam Pro previous model?

It’s easy philips toucam pro ii do. Register a new account. Here are some phillps. Web cameras are sensitive to near IR, but refractors are designed for visual obseriving and nearIR part ii the spectrum is not focused correctly.

There you can seek help, share your images and discuss everything about unconventional and webcam imaging. This results in a blurry image:.

Posted July 9, And there’s always the satisfaction in getting results from something in whose creation you actively participated in. Posted 21 October – Sign In Need an account?


Saved me from having to buy an LPI or something. Webcams work best in our own pto, the solar system. Deep sky imaging takes obviously more time — you have philips toucam pro ii focus on dim stars and find your target that can sometimes be overlooked if the exposure is set too low. Already have an account? The only real downside is that the camera must be used with a computer. Sometimes that works better. My camera is in great condition and I think its still youcam philips toucam pro ii planetary camera, so I was not looking forward to having to go buy a new webcam.

To see the details about the SC mod, please visit his homepage. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

Eye pieces for c scooterdog – Today, Still, as you’ve seen, good results can be had from light polluted skies, philips toucam pro ii. The black anodized nose piece has internal 2.