Work station set up completes fine and appears to install correctly but when I go into the ODBC Admin and selct the driver so that it can be configured I recieve both those errors. This solution requires advanced knowledge of your network. Modifying Windows security incorrectly can severely affect system operations. But I have seen references to making sure the correct admin tools are used support. It should say level 4. Sage is not responsible for operation issues caused by incorrectly modifying your Windows security.

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The error message you are receiving indicates Data Source Name not found. I wear a lot of hats I guess we will be look for a different solution for this install maybe a seperate XP jas in our server room.

ODBC Drivers for MAS 90 and MAS

Note that if you don’t want to run the MAS on that work station you can always delete the folder once you have the DSN setup. Get every solution instantly with premium.

I got the LinkedServer query to return records once, and ever after, it just hangs forever. It is much simpler. And without being able to define a view we can’t create groups or reports.

Related Drivers  DRIVER: AIRLIVE WT-2000ARM

Sorry to hear that but I went through mas 90 32-bit odbc very similar within the last year. Mas 90 32-bit odbc a workstation needed both the 32 Bit and 64 Bit they would have to have different DSNs logical Data set name in order to have the system identify which driver to use.

Sorry, I didn’t actually look at the links in your original Q. Most popular Newest to oldest Most popular Oldest to newest.

I mad a client that went to a Server bit terminal server environment last year and that was the only thing we couldn’t get working. For full access, please sign in.

ODBC Drivers for MAS 90 and MAS 200

Report rendering is completed using a locally cached copy of the form or report and a local SAP Crystal Reports print engine. This could have an impact? So performance isn’t something that I particularly noticed. Do you know everything you need to about Azure? Looks like it will be a mas 90 32-bit odbc night at the office Chris, that is good thinking, but we had the Ovbc connector working previously when we attempted the last upgrade where we found that the 8.

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They both reference the proper driver dated If from the Designer, is everything in the same domain? Start your trial today. Facing a tech roadblock?


64 bit ODBC connection to MAS 4.5 installation

If you are experiencing an issue mas 90 32-bit odbc Sageand would like to schedule a support session – please request assistance here. All the driver info. Ah, the devel is 32-git the details! I’ve tried full removal of all Sage products from the LF server, and installation of just the x64 drivers.

I also have tried deleting the user dsn. What happens if you leave the provider string blank? Sorry I didn’t even think of the fact that you were running bit SQL server.

You can read about SData at http: Is the workstation running bit or just the server? I used the installer mas 90 32-bit odbc repair the installation in hope that this would reinstall the driver and that it would see those files.

Within an integration some data may be synchronized. If I change my provider string to: