Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. It sure would make an awesome slideshow at that resolution. Rule Description Follow reddiquette You can find it here. That thing has been out for quite a while actually–I think it started out costing times its model number in dollars. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Only a few cards have it though. This guide offers insight into the qualities you must look for in choosing a Testing provider.

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IBM T220/T221 LCD monitors

Any rumor or claim that is just a statement from an unknown source ibmm no supporting evidence will be removed. Retrieved 30 August Likewise 4K doesn’t exclude Some cards have quad heads, some card have 2 heads.

Nebojsa Novakovic 28 March Tweet. How’s it treating you? Fri Mar 28, 1: Want to add to the discussion? Images submitted as self posts must include an informative description for context.

IBM T221 – the world’s finest monitor?

D and you’re welcome! It’s concise and to the point.

I mean, wouldn’t that be a really “shortsighted” spec? Just read the goddamn definition that was posted.


Archived from the original on But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution? Ultimate is to use ib computers and 4 video cards that support genlocking to drive each DVI interface separately.

Posts should be about hardware Posts should be about hardware news, reviews, technical discussion ib how-tos and buyers guides.

Jan 5, Posts: This guide offers insight into the qualities you ihm look for in choosing a Testing provider.

But the fact of the matter is that it just doesn’t support the ultra-high resolutions and refresh rates that are quickly becoming available on high-end displays. The use of width to characterize the overall resolution marks a switch from previous television standards such as i and p, which categorize media according to its vertical dimension.

This is a revised model of the original T So I tried something else – disconnected one DVI cable, and tried to push the resolution all the way to x with single cable only it is unsupported – it worked! Archived from the original on May 12, IBM display devices Products introduced in Such high-resolution displays would remain niche products for nearly a decade until modern high-dpi displays such as Apple’s Retina Display line saw more-widespread adoption.


When spanned as two x screens joined into one, the refresh rate upped to 21 Hz, however – once I started doing real-time 3-D with rapid movements navigating through my 3-D city models, for instancethe renderings kind of split apart since the movement on one half didn’t properly sync with the movement on the other, so a building would be cut in half, for instance.

It is an amazing monitor. Fri Mar 28, 6: Submit a new link.

IBM T – “” LCD Monitor | eBay

Does anyone remember that thing? My HP ZR30w sure pulled a ton of power. Feb 9, Posts: I mean, DVI just got here and now we need more? Five things you should look for in choosing a Testing provider Choosing a Testing Partner can be complex.

Mon Mar 31, 1: