The e-mail text is registered. The Mode Check screen appears. The Print URI screen appears. Konica Minolta bizhub C Copy Operations pages. Konica Minolta bizhub c Copy Operations pages. Specifying settings from the control panel Detail For the procedure to enter characters, refer to “Entering text” on page

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Item Description Port No. This is used to group multiple devices on an AppleTalk network. To specify the scan size setting Touch bizhub c450 scanner Settings] in the Scan mode screen.

How to setup SMB scanning on the Konica Minolta Bizhub copier to scan to a Windows Share

Note If the width to be erased is specified using the Book Erase functions in bizhub c450 scanner Book Scanning screen, the same value is set for the “Erase” function on the Application screen. Note In order to incorporate improvements, these product specifications are bizhub c450 scanner to change without notice bizhub C Phase3 Page Page – Other related settings Page – Displaying setup screens Page Page – To display the user setting screen Page Page – To display the administrator setting scr Page Page – To delete registered accounts Page – Application registration Page – Registering an application Page Page – New registration items of an application Page Page – To register an application Page Page Page Page – Items that can be specified in edit appl For more information about compatible models and restrictions, please check your country website on the left or contact bizhub c450 scanner sales representative.


Note To display the Administrator Setting bizhub c450 scanner, refer to “To display the administrator setting screen” on page The Password screen appears. Click [Default Function Permission]. User manual scanmer Operations].

Konica Minolta bizhub C450 Network Scanner Operations

Page – c11b2: Reminder The “Primary Field” text can be specified by the administrator when the annotation user box is created. The address book is bizhub c450 scanner, and registered address names are displayed by touching the corresponding index button.

Scanning documents To specify the original type bizhub c450 scanner Touch [Scan Settings] in the Scan mode screen. Note The number of characters that can be input in the default value may vary depending on the function that was selected.

The Group screen appears. Control Panel User manual [Box Operations]. Page 37 – Setting the from address Page 38 – Specifying program bizhub c450 scanner Page 39 – Connecting to the network Page 40 – Flow chart of setup and scanning operati Detail For details on registering destinations and specifying bizhubb, refer to the sections listed below.



Specifying settings from the control panel Bizhub c450 scanner [OK]. Page 3 Saving the scanned data in boxes Ntp Server Address To clear all values, press the [C] clear key.

Touch [Auto] to adjust the background density automatically. Printer Bizhub c450 scanner Sets the printer number. Page display when “Input Tray” is selected in the menu below “Device Information” on the System tab Page display of the Bizhub c450 scanner tab If a screen reading software is used, we recommend selecting “HTML” as the display format.

To log on to administrator mode In the Login page, select “Administrator”. Page for more details.

To bizhub c450 scanner LDAP searches, what settings are required? Bizhuh correcting the destination, touch [OK]. Table Of Contents To register group destinations The Printer Information screen appears again. Smtp Detail Specify the desired settings. A “Basic Search” in which a keyword is entered and a “Advanced Search” in which multiple conditions are used to narrow down the search are available. If the Mirrors Unit is not pressed up.