I have also moved the router and adapter all over the house. It’s been working fine until recently when it suddenly does not see our home wifi connection. As I type this, on another laptop! I tried changing the wireless driver on my laptop,Here are some pics of router settings. Click the Network icon in your Windows 7 notification area and click the network to which you wish to connect. Small – px Medium – px Large – px. My acer aspire z can not use anymore internet even tough the wifi icon says its connected.

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It’s been working fine until recently when it suddenly does not see our home wifi connection. I don’t know what to try anymore. My partners Aspire laptop will not connect to our newly installed Virgin wifi. Asspire shows a list of all our neighbours routers, just not ours. Small Business – Chron.

Acer Aspire 4349 Notebook Win7, Win8 Drivers, Applications, Updates

Now for my problem Acer Aspire Wifi Not Working? In the acee case, open you browser and follow the login instructions. Mar 19, I have a Acer Aspire laptop, about 3 years old. Also, there are times when the wifi suddenly just goes off and fails to detect any, even after it has already started working.

They want me to send the computer back but I have a feeling it is an easy fix I just don’t know enough about computers to say oh just uncheckmark this box. My laptop is an acer aspire and the operating system is windowsvista home premium.


Flip the laptop upside down with the battery facing towards your body and locate the battery lock circled in red.

Im running Windows 7 Professional SP1. I can then select whichever network I want to try and connect to but when I click the connect button it never takes me to the authentication screen to input the WEP key.

Wireless :: Can’t Connect Wifi For Acer Aspire 4349

Remove all eighteen 8 mm Phillips 0 screws with a Phillips 0 screwdriver and set aside. I have an Acer Aspire Eifi We have tried adding our passcode and network id, but it does not work.

Wifi Driver For Acer Aspire ? I have tried to manually enter the WEP and configure the network but then when I try to connect to the network it still tells me that Windows is unable to connect to the network.

Function F3 no longer turns on the wireless on my Acer Aspire – Microsoft Community

I’ve tries a lot of things already, resetting my Bell 2Wire modem outer, disabling and re-enabling my wifi, chaning the wireless network name and password, and even chaning the power settings for maximum wireless performance. I use wifi at my homeand the wireless network seemed to wigi fine there. If you are not asked aver a security password, accer network may be unsecured or require browser login information. It was connected but it disconnected itself and now refuses to connect.


As I type this, on another laptop! How to get his laptop connected to our network and have internet access? I take out the network adapter plug then plug it in and the laptop usually reconnects but sometimes it can take about half an hour! Sep 12, Brand new acer laptop has only about 8 ft range.

Slide the front Wireless Communication Switch to the “On” position to ensure wireless capabilities. He also has an Acer laptop, all he did was turn it on and search for the network then put in the key and password and it was connected.

I can use cable.

However my Acer will randomly drop aecr. It is almost as if my computer itself is blocking the adapter. I believe both the CPU and the laptop are using windows vista. Introduction Without WiFi you can have a hard time getting connected to the internet.

All other devices within the house can connect iPod, mobile phone, other laptopsbut this laptop wont. We recently changed our internet in the house from bt to virgin, and this was when the problem started.